During the duration of agreement with the agency we guaranty:

  1.  Free consultation concerning questions in recruited personnel`s work ;
  2.  Free personnel replacement in cases, if the personnel will be fired due to the client`s inadequacy;

3.      Recruiting personnel agency “MIR DOBRA” covenants to hold confidential information taken from client!

4.      All of our job applicants, as domestic personnel, as office personnel are skillful in occupational work, are attested, pass tests, go through diplomas, certificates and recommendation lists check.

  1.  Personnel selection begins from  the endorsing a requisition ;
  2. We work efficient and valuable due to the business behavior.


We care about image of our agency, that is why we honor obligations under a treaty all over 100%.

Recruiting personnel agency price policy

 Service cost of our agency for employer totals to month salary of specialist.

Guarantee of personnel replacement during one year after signing of a treaty.

Flexible discount system is applied: