Every house has its own traditions, customs, and policy to different questions. Applying for a job to another family, housekeeper should adjust and follow the rules of that family.

Housekeepers have to be instructed immediately about the rights and duties.

It is important, that housekeeper feels comfort, so you should show her working place. Housekeeper has to be on some distance, it is not worthy to set the same table.

Appearance may influence much on applying. Not tidy, withdraw person will not find a job easily. The appearance has to be kind, natty and polite, down-dressed and brushed hair, frank in communication, smug, not obsessive, polite, without poor habits.

Duties of housekeeper:

  1. Cleaning the flat or the house (wet, dry)
  2. Mop-up operation
  3. Furniture cleaning
  4. Household appliances, sanitary engineering cleaning
  5. Assortment of linen, hand and machine washing-up
  6. Ironing of clothes and bed linen
  7. Care for VIP – wardrobe
  8. Shoe care
  9. Care for plants
  10.  Pet Grooming
  11. Cleaning and change of bed linen
  12. Washing-up
  13. Clothes repairmen
  14. Shopping
  15. Cooking (by separate agreement)
  16. Payment of utility bills
  17. Delivery to the dry cleaners


Personnel, recruited by our Agency is qualified, attend courses-seminars, studying indispensable skills, getting a certificate.

We know the importance of fireside comfort. The difficultness of recruitment. That is why a lot of families are already our clients.


Working hours vary:

·         1-2 times a month (for target cleaning)

·         Twice a year (for season cleaning and windows wash-up)

·         2 mop-ups after renovation

·         For constant cleaning and house holding from 1 to 6 days a week with dwelling.

It is important to have a conversation concerning the scheme of work beforehand.


Price of services depends on:

·         Flat or cottage

·         Square meter of cleaning space

·         Amount of family members, kids

·         Pets

·         Additional services