Driver (personal or family)

The work of driver is not so easy, as it seems, it requires more than driving license and experience. Family driver in Kiev – is a sustainable person, whom You can confide your children, shopping, and other duties. Demands to the modern driver are start with, family driver must be first of all a driver, professional and experienced in different conditions.  Family driver must have technical knowledge. Applying for a job by agency, the real plus will be an additional specialization on car repairmen. Driver has irregular working hours. On practice it often is a need to work at night. It will be paid additionally. .


Driver is responsible for life comfort, safety, health of all the family members. Standard appearance demands: tidy look, clean hands and nails, cloth tidiness, clean shoes.  

Family driver can be either man, or a woman, who has enough features to become a good driver. Woman-driver is more attentive, careful, responsible, breaks the law less. A lot of employers want a woman-driver, especially when family is with children.


Driver duties:

  1. Professional car driving
  2. Car supply at the appointed time, standing by
  3. Optimal route planning
  4. Providing the safety of passengers
  5. Different little duties from family members
  6. Keeping the car clean and in working order
  7. Up to time fueling
  8. Technical knowledge in modern car construction
  9. Reports about cash received formed and on time