Baby sitter governess

Baby sitter governess duties:

1. total child care
2. safety guaranties
3. observing the day the regime
4. cooking and feeding
5. washing the dishes and a children's room
6. infant food cooking
7. walking
8. hygiene
9. washing and ironing children's clothes
10. keeping clean toys and pram
11. visit to childcare
12. following the instructions of appointment and the pediatrician, a masseuse etc.
13. first aid
14. teaching baby to swim
15. massage, gymnastics, hardening
16. educational games and activities
Baby-sitting services are paid depending on the species and individual!

Payment  – individual!


Personal mentor monitors the child's academic performance all the time, controlling him  in school, organizes leisure, conducts educational sessions, teaches etiquette, accompanied by sections. Can teach children foreign languages. A special feature is the perfect possession of all modern methods of training and educational programs, reveals the inner potential of the child to the study of his abilities and character.
If you need a baby-sitter governess, then you can evaluate it in some ways: appearance, which should not cause complaints, it should be a role model, as important documents: the availability of higher education (required), experience (preferably), knowledge of a foreign language (desirable). Welcome: the ability to play a musical instrument, painting skills, athletic performance, a basic knowledge of horse riding, extensive knowledge in the field of art, philosophy, science, literature, foreign languages​​.

Professional skills:

  • free possession of upbringing methods
  • knowledge in philosophy, ethics, esthetics.  
  • keen on art, etc.
  • well-bred speech.


Professional experience: time record at kindergartens, schools, families.