Family couple


Family couple

Family couple – the correct choice for employer, who requires a complex care of house condition, for a fair price.


Woman duties:

  1. Maintaining the cleanling of the house, a cottage
  2. House cleaning
  3. Carpet Cleaning
  4. Window washing-up
  5. Bed linen
  6. Cleaning the beds
  7. Proper care of the furniture
  8. Homemade food
  9. Hand, machine washing-up
  10. Ironing of clothes and bed linen
  11. Care the  VIP wardrobe, shoes, clothes repair
  12. Care for plants, pets
  13. Responding to requests for the household
  14. Maintaining accounting records
  15. Assistance or total care of the child (older relatives) by agreement

Man duties:

  1. 1. House security in the hosts` absence
  2. 2. Home maintenance and home extensions
  3. 3. Caring the neighborhood and pets
  4. 4. Controlling of the alarm system, the work of water and electricity
  5. 5. Purchase of food, medicine,
  6. 6. Mowing the lawn, cleaning the pool
  7. 7. Minor repairs, car wash


By arrangement:

  1. Officiation as nanny
  2. Personal driver
  3. Pets walking
  4. Carrying-out and organization of parties


Family couple, that will life at your place will develop the most comfortable conditions.