Main Rules for Domestic Personnel

Carry out work in such a way, that your employer wants, follow his or her instructions.

If You are disagree with that your employer proposes, you can argue and make arguments, but only concerning some concrete work, not life in general.

Do not be curious, and if you are putted trust in – be polite. Do not show your puzzle and condemnation.  

Be opened for the employer, but do not burden with your problems.

Life and events in family – taboo. Everything you know about it you must keep in secret.

Immediately inform your employer about all important events, such as fallen of a baby, pot`s sickness, suspicious people nearby.  

On by-way questions you make your own decisions due to competence.

Be a professional. Watch for new tendencies in your sphere and try to keep up with the times.

Be conscientious. Never let things slide and be late. 

Be polite and tidy clothed.

Make a daily report about done work and outlays, keep all the bills.

Moreover, there are simple rules for an employer and an employee, following it is possible to omit conflicts in communication or lessen them.