You can make an order for domestic personnel with 24/7 availability:

  • By telephone  with 24/7 availability
  • You can fill the form for the employer at the site, or send to e-mail:,

  • Visit our office:. Kyiv, Minskaya Station,  Str. Marshala Timoshenko, 21, 2 site, of. 32.

7       availability!


The manager will contact You, who will lead the order and always will answer your questions.


Searching for applicants

We will chose from our data-base the most appropriate applicants due to your demands, and will send You couple of resumes (e-mail, fax), or dial You.  


 After your decision our managers will dial You and organize the interview at our office or a set-off at the convenient time and place (the price of set-off in Kiev is _____ uah., the price of set-off out of Kiev  is ______ uah.)

Formation of contract

When You will make the last decision, our Agency forms a contract with a complete package of documents of chosen employee. The services` payment is held after formation of contract.

Employee substitution

During the contract duration our Agency provides ____ free substitutions of personnel, or in case of illness.


We are cooperating after the formation of contract. Contracts can be formed as for 6 month, as for a year. During this period we will constantly control the work, consult and help to solve the problems.

Prices for services of the Agency

The fee is 5- to 100%, from the month wage of employee. We have flexible price policy with the formation of contract for Agency services.